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Description. ALCHEMIST (Hindi Translation of The Alchemist) by Paulo Coelho हर कुछ दषकों में एक ऐसी पुस्तक आती है, जो पाठकों को केवल. Alchemist Paulo Coelho Hindi PDF Aaj ham baat karenge best selling book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Jiski ab tak karodo partiya bik chuki hai iss book. The Alchemist (Hindi) Paperback Books- download The Alchemist (Hindi) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free Shipping*, COD. -

Along the way, he learns to listen to his heart and, more importantly, realizes that his dreams, or his Personal Legend, are not just his but part of the Soul of the Universe.

Santiago is a humble shepherd whose desires are few—he wants to be free to roam with his sheep, to have some wine in his wineskin and a book in his bag. Fate intervenes, however, in the form of the recurring dream of a great treasure hidden thousands of miles away at the base of the Egyptian Pyramids.

When Santiago meets Melchizedek , a strange wise man who claims he is a king from a far-off land, he decides to seek his treasure.

The next day, Santiago sells his sheep and embarks to Africa to pursue his dream. Upon arriving in Africa, though, it becomes apparent that things will not be as easy as he thought.

The first day Santiago is in Tangiers, he is robbed and left completely alone, unable to speak a single word of Arabic.

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At first Santiago contemplates giving up and turning around. He remembers the words of the wise man, though, and decides to carry on—getting a job at a local crystal shop.

After working at the crystal shop for a year, learning much about life and about his Personal Legend, Santiago earns enough money to download a new flock of sheep and return home. At the last minute, though, Santiago decides to risk it all and join a caravan to Egypt.

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Once in the caravan, Santiago meets an Englishman who has come all the way to Africa to seek a renowned alchemist. As they travel through the desert, the Englishman tells Santiago about the secrets of alchemy.

Santiago finds the Englishman's ideas to be very similar to Melchizedek's. They both speak of a Soul of the World to which we are all connected and of the necessity of following our heart's true desires or our Personal Legend.

Santiago, however, prefers to learn these secrets by observing the world, while the Englishman prefers to learn from complex books. While they travel, they begin to hear rumors of a coming tribal war.

When they finally arrive at the Al-Fayoum oasis—the home of the titular Alchemist—Santiago meets a beautiful girl named Fatima with whom he immediately falls in love. He discovers that love, like the Personal Legend, comes directly from the Soul of the World.

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Face says he found Subtle as a loser starving in the tavern called Pie Corner. The disagreement starts because the men are arguing over their share in the spoils, each claiming to be the brains of the scheme.

Doll is a supporting player, doing what she is told. They each use many disguises to con the money from the victims. At the end of the scene the first victim or gull arrives, and they scatter to take their places.

Commentary on Act 1, scene 1 An alchemist refers to a philosopher-scientist who could turn base metals into gold. Alchemy was a compendium of ancient knowledge that included astrology, medicine the elixir for long life , magic, and chemistry.

They will have wealth, power, sexual potency, long life, and success.

The three conspirators shape each scam to suit the victim, playing out their illusions and collecting the cash. In this scene we learn the origin of each of these con-artists and how they operate.

Alchemist Novel in urdu کیمیا گری، الکیمسٹ ناول

The dynamic scene puts the audience in the middle of their flimsy but brilliant teamwork. They do not trust each other and explain why. Face saw the potential of Subtle, who was starving and in rags.

Subtle, however, seems to believe his role in part. In addition, Subtle claims to know how to cast horoscopes and find things through divination, to tell fortunes with a glass ball and call up spirits.

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Subtle has taught him to gamble and play the part of a Captain.Along the way, the boy meets an Englishman who has come in search of an alchemist and continues his travels in his new companion's company. Santiago considers staying at the oasis with Fatima, but the Alchemist finds Santiago and tells him that he will lead Santiago to his treasure. Similarly, the following twelve books have been largely influential for spiritual seekers all over the world.

His book details the attributes that Peck feels make a fulfilled human being.

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They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.